How to stay safe on your bike

3 minute read Published: 2019-03-03

Safety is important when riding your bike. I've read countless Internet comments by experts on this topic and have compiled, for your convenience, a list of all the necessary safety precautions that one should take when operating a bicycle on roadways.

Keep in mind that your safety is entirely your responsibility. There's literally no way for someone to harm you in a way that is not your fault. Remember: You chose to ride a bicycle.

You must do everything on this list to prevent causing a motorist to strike you with their car. If you do not do all of these things then it will be your fault for the traffic slowdowns, and possible (but let's be honest, unlikely) guilt the motorist could feel when it happens. You may suffer some injury yourself, as well.

Also, rest assured that if you forget to do any of the things in this list then any news articles about the car accidentally hitting you will be sure to document each item that you forgot. The purpose of that will be to ensure other cyclists know the complete list and to ensure that motorists reading the article know that it is not their responsibility to pay attention to other road users.